Wichita Art Museum Sculpture Garden

Derek Porter Studio is collaborating with Confluence, a landscape architecture firm headquartered in Kansas City, to develop a new sculpture garden for the Wichita Art Museum.  A primary walking path weaves through the landscape which is conceived as a series of linked spatial sequences.  Conceptual spaces and light/landscape demarcations currently under development include: Place, Room, Edge, Path and Entry.  Each has a unique relationship to soft and hard scape. programmed activity and lighting interest.  Variations of illuminance patterns, such as directionality, vertical and horizontal composition, contrast and color temperature, will be applied to clarify unique spatial attributes and connect the pieces as a contiguous whole.  The project is currently in Design Development.  Conceptual plan diagrams courtesy of Confluence.   

Schematic Design Mtg #5_6.26.14_edited_Page_2.jpg