Derek Porter Studio is a multi-disciplinary design firm with locations in New York City and the Hudson Valley.  Our primary work focuses on architectural lighting design – the incorporation of light within urban, architectural and spatial contexts – while also crossing into parallel fields of product design and fine art.  All of our work explores common interests in human perception, luminance composition, material relationships and phenomenal transition of time.  Our client driven projects synthesize these poetic interests with practical needs toward the creation of inspired environments that sensitively consider human inhabitation along with reduced impacts on natural resources.  

Derek Porter works collaboratively with professionals, manufacturers and academics in the development, documentation and management of diverse design projects that range in scale, typology and geographic location.  These collaborative partnerships assemble individuals with diverse expertise in order to expand the team’s overall capacity to address unique project needs.  Many of these partnerships are longstanding, and have spanned numerous projects and many years of collective engagement. Common interests that bind these relationships include a strong belief in experimentation, innovation, social responsibility, support for community and  human well-being.