Photography was the first artistic realm where I found myself compelled by unique atmospheric light conditions in nature.  TIMESCAPE specifically is an ongoing series that I’ve amassed through decades of global travel that are united through unique characteristics of light.  With few exceptions, they are void of any identity affiliated with geographical region, culture or society.  The images are commonly taken during unique weather conditions where distance perception or spatial context is altered or at twilight (after sunset or before sunrise).  Twilight especially is a reoccurring theme that I find myself returning too.  This temporal moment – absent of the distinctness of day and night – is a brief but important autonomous period of light within our diurnal cycle.   

These images commonly require very long exposure times (ranging from a few seconds to over an hour) and are generated through the use of medium and large format analog cameras.  Use of this equipment is tedious and requires focus in examining the scene, calculating exposure and setting up the camera.  The slowness and attentiveness to the activity requires isolation and concentration which results in a heightened sensitivity to the place.  I find the process quite meditative.  The cumulative result of this practice that spans decades is an increased visceral awareness of diverse light conditions.      


A Comment on My Art and Photography – As compliment to my design practice, I explore the presence of light through artistic applications.  This work, free of common constraints associated with client driven design projects, allows a deeper and more personal introspection of light, perception, time and relationship to human presence.  Subsequently, this gained knowledge, heightened sensitivity and increased awareness of phenomenal relationships feeds back into my design practice.  These works have been exhibited nationally and internationally and reside in private, institutional and corporate collections as well as municipal public art programs.