Plaza Residence

This second floor apartment was completely renovated to become a light-filled, contemporary living space for a couple.  A new vaulted roof/ceiling was constructed, interior walls were re-located and all existing finishes were changed in support of light as the primary design focus.  These newly oriented purified volumes combined with the changing dynamic of natural light reveal the fleeting moments of pattern, color and texture found in nature.  These changing conditions are complimented by the fixed nature of electric light strategically placed within key architectural junctures and integrated within specific architectural elements. 

Wall surfaces peel away at the tangent point where walls and ceiling meet, allowing light to bleed from within, emphasizing this point of contact.  A custom glass closet was designed as the focal point of the entry, and serves as a catalyst between the master suite and the public areas. Light is integral to the closet, obscuring the contents to muted color and texture, and is the only light source in the entry hall. 

Select view windows were covered to reinforce visual emphasis upward and to give increased privacy to this urban residence.  As a result of this increased enclosure, many interior walls were opened with clerestories to share daylight from room to room, creating connection between spaces while retaining visual privacy.  The architecture was effectively reduced to basic form with simple and consistent materials in order to give emphasis to subtle, temporal qualities of light, as it changes from moment to moment over the course of a day.

Lighting Designer: Derek Porter Studio
Interior Designer: Arlene Ladegard
Contractor: Kite Construction
Photographer: Michael Spillers

Kansas City, Missouri
1,500 square feet

International Award of Merit, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, 2004

“Five Home Runs: Home 3,” Lighting (Great Britain)
“Time Passages,” Architectural Lighting
“Pure Power of Light,” Professional Lighting Design (China)
“Iluminando a Traves de la Experiencia Humana,” Luxes (Mexico)