Pennsylvania Residence

The lighting design philosophy for this traditionally styled home include subtle, quiet and sensitive considerations of the architectural design yet are inclusive of a more contemporary dynamic that represents the client’s interest and involvement in the performing arts.  A limited palette of recessed luminaires is used throughout in order to establish relational patterns of like nature in the main public areas.  Physically discrete pinhole luminaires are arranged in serpentine patterns to represent currents, movement and flows.  These abstract kinetic patterns are juxtaposed by linear washes at select perimeter walls and interior illuminated cases that offer backdrop to higher contrast accent areas.  These formal public areas are complimented by soft diffuse illumination in less formal sunrooms ancillary to the living and dining areas and the kitchen where diverse task programming demands specific illumination requirements.  

Lighting Designer: Derek Porter Studio and Yarnell Associates
Photographer: Michael Spillers

Kansas City, Missouri

First Place, Residential, Electric League
Section Award, IESNA