M Studio

This photography studio located in an urban storefront has substantial daylight from a single north facing façade that required a prominent counterpoint at the deeper interior spaces where most business activities and lab work took place.  In response to the finely detailed volumetric forms, concealed light coves are developed integrally to the shifting planer elements of the architecture.  Multiple switched zones allow for the use of more theatrically derived colored light scenes utilized for special events and art openings.   Blue light in this instance offers a symbolic nod to the opposing elevation of northern skylight.  Here the transitional time of “twilight”, a moment when daylight resigns to the coming of night, is suspended electrically within the architectural voids.   

Owner: McFamily Properties
Architect: el dorado, Inc
Lighting Designer: Derek Porter Studio
 Photographer: Michael Spillers

Kansas City, Missouri
3,000 square feet

Edwin F. Guth International Award of Excellence, IESNA, 1999

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