The Lake Michigan Series is a body of work that I recorded through several annual visits to a single location.  It carries the same interest of my ongoing TIMESCAPE series, however, the restriction of subject to a single sky/water relationship more keenly documents the vastness found in the isolated variable of light.  The imagery ranges from readily recognizable waterscape scenes to abstract color fields where the defining horizon is blurred, melding sky and water into a single plane of muted color that is devoid of spatial context. 


A Comment on My Art and Photography – As compliment to my design practice, I explore the presence of light through artistic applications.  This work, free of common constraints associated with client driven design projects, allows a deeper and more personal introspection of light, perception, time and relationship to human presence.  Subsequently, this gained knowledge, heightened sensitivity and increased awareness of phenomenal relationships feeds back into my design practice.  These works have been exhibited nationally and internationally and reside in private, institutional and corporate collections as well as municipal public art programs.