Dielectric Screen

From knowledge gained through design practice, Derek Porter Studio translated scientific knowledge and performance characteristics of light into the context of fine art for this temporary art installation program.  In contrast to the practice of lighting design, this sculptural project gave increased opportunity to conceptual potential and poetic gesture in the urban streetscape.

Daily and seasonal cycles of light, temperature and weather are biological time markers in our lives.  "Dielectric Screen" reveals and animates the temporal presence of light and air movement, yielding a heightened awareness of these subtly changing conditions.  Light is transmitted and refracted within each tower and onto the surrounding urban landscape creating experiential environments of saturated color, reflectance and motion.  Through scientific intervention the full spectrum of sunlight is "separated" into opposing complementary colors, resulting in a new visual recognition of natural force relationships that change and move with time and varying conditions.

Artist Team: Derek Porter Studio
Sponsor: City of Kansas City Public Arts Commission and the Avenue of the Arts Foundation
Photographer: Derek Porter and Anne Lindberg

Kansas City, Missouri
Avenue for the Arts Temporary Public Art Installation

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