Briarcliff Residence

For this unique basement renovation, designed to function as an independent apartment, Derek Porter Studio collaborated closely with the interior architect regarding all aspects of the design. There was a common desire to have the lighting deviate from conventional residential designs.  Rather than serving programmatic illuminance requirements in subordination to the interior design, light was given significant presence as a primary design element.  Carefully arranged fixture placement and concealed cove designs offer compelling compositional interest, emphasize the division between public and private spaces and accentuate key architectural focal elements while achieving the required task illuminance needs.  The interior environment is unified through its monochromatic color and material pallet with key architectural elements, including the fireplace and casework, accentuated through indirect illumination.  Light is strategically located as a catalyst within these parts to emphasize three dimensional separation between mass and plane.  Furthermore, this conceptual relationship of light to its surrounding environmental context and the resulting compositions hints toward complex patterns found in nature and experienced through daily activity; a desired consideration due to the partially subterranean location and minimal daylight exposure.  As a result, these carefully coordinated moments conjure emotional relationships to horizon, sky and landscape which are psychologically familiar and linked through memory.  

The absence of natural phenomena and its ever changing dynamic cycles experienced through the course of day is here abstracted and substituted electrically.  Additionally, this multi-layered design philosophy was achieved through the primary use of dimmable fluorescent technology.

Interior Architect: R.M. Lambson Design, Inc
Lighting Designer: Derek Porter Studio
Photographer: Michael Spillers

Kansas City, Missouri
2,500 square feet 
Basement Renovation

Commendable Achievement Award, A/L Magazine, 2007
International Award of Merit, IALD, 2006
Edwin F. Guth International Award of Excellence, IESNA, 2005

“Pure Power of Light,” Professional Lighting Design (China)
“Illuminando a Traves de la Experiencia Humana,” Luxes (Mexico)