Botwin Building

The architect, in collaboration with the lighting designer and an artist, designed a graceful sustainably-minded building that incorporates custom art glazing and lighting that engage with the eclectic urban community. This new building replaces a beloved historic structure that burned in 2007.  The owner chose to rebuild giving the new building a contemporary identity while acknowledging the scale and footprint of its historic predecessor.     

The lighting design scope included the building shell only, with focus given to the custom art glazing located at the facade.  The glazing has two layers of ceramic frit imagery applied to the interior surfaces of the thermal panes to create complex visual effect during the day and night. Conceived as an architectural “drawing”, the line work changes density, color, pattern and scale as it moves around the architectural volumes.  Dramatic arrays of light pattern, shadow and color cast across the interior as the sun moves through the course of a day. In addition to this artistic interest, the printed ceramic frit offers a measure of solar control to reduce heat and light transmittance.

Linear LED luminaires are located at the window base and are enclosed within custom architectural shields that are detailed to be consistent with the window mullions.  The very narrow optical beam distribution baths the 10’ elevation of fritted glazing at night, transcending the building into a lantern that symbolizes revitalization of this site and its long social presence in the community. 

Owner: Botwin Family Partners 
Architect: el dorado, inc.
Lighting Designer: Derek Porter Studio
Artist: Anne Lindberg
Photographer: Mike Sinclair

Kansas City, Missouri
12,500 square feet
$2,400,000 Project cost