Bluff Park Bridge

This conceptual design offers a secondary skin to a common prefabricated box truss bridge.  This new skin is added to meet practical railroad safety requirements while adding to the bridges iconic presence in this industrial landscape and to enhance the visual experience for pedestrians moving between the downtown Bluff Park overlook to the West Bottoms of Kansas City, Missouri.  Multi-colored perforated panels wrap and fold around the bridge with light inserted at key overlapping junctures.  These light and material relationships yield complex moray patterns of light and shadow from both interior and exterior views.  Carefully arranged internally located electric lighting enhances visual transparency of the skin when viewed from the outside at night.  The skin is seen with greater opacity during the day with focus on the colorful mosaic pattern.  This conceptual design exemplifies our company’s interest in providing meaningful designs that offer provocative visual experiences that also satisfy practical necessities, which, in the case of this project include low maintenance, vandal resistance, budgetary constraints and strict code regulation.    

Owner: City of Kansas City, Missouri
Architect: el dorado, Inc
Lighting Designer: Derek Porter Studio
Digital Renderings: el dorado, Inc

Kansas City, Missouri                                                Unbuilt