This is a subset of the TIMESCAPE – LAKE MICHIGAN series that recorded an early morning isolated scene of children at play.  The filmic frames are organized chronologically and are of selected images that narrate their activity.  The foggy setting reduces the stage to only beach and sky immediately surrounding the characters, effectively eliminating the surround lake front setting that includes water, trees, houses and other beach goers along the shoreline. 


A Comment on My Art and Photography – As compliment to my design practice, I explore the presence of light through artistic applications.  This work, free of common constraints associated with client driven design projects, allows a deeper and more personal introspection of light, perception, time and relationship to human presence.  Subsequently, this gained knowledge, heightened sensitivity and increased awareness of phenomenal relationships feeds back into my design practice.  These works have been exhibited nationally and internationally and reside in private, institutional and corporate collections as well as municipal public art programs.