Formerly an industrial manufacturing facility, the third floor penthouse of this precast concrete building in Kansas City was transformed into an elegant residence. 

A seminal design interest was focused toward the centrally located light monitors through which time-based transitions of natural light were celebrated.  These large apertures to the sky are organized in two rows that are evenly spaces transversely across the space to provide diffuse ambient light for the majority of the interior.  Diurnal cycles of sunlight and skylight register within the monitor at different times and affect coloration and intensity of interior illuminance.  At night, a single row of electric light positioned above the glazing produces diffuse illumination.  The clerestory located over the kitchen is an exception where a second row is located below the glazing to increase illuminance levels at this critical task area. 

The centrally located diaphanous light from the monitors is contrasted by a dramatic vertical graze at the perimeter brick walls.    Additionally, the perimeter graze accentuates the modeled character of the aged brick walls, yielding distinct material identity to the interior space.    

These two partnering lighting effects are continuous throughout all spaces, sliding through partition walls, yielding congruency to light, material and formal relationships.  A clear glass divider is inserted in the monitor between the bedroom and living room to offer acoustical privacy between these public and private areas while maintaining visual connection.    

Industrial RLM pendants are positioned in pairs and repeated at the kitchen, office and dining areas, further reinforcing the interest in a limited number of design moves that carry through the entire project and clarify like conditions.   

Architect: Gould Evans
Lighting Designer: Derek Porter Studio
Photographer: Michael Spillers

Kansas City, Missouri
4,000 square feet
Adaptive reuse / renovation

International Illumination Design Award of Merit, IESNA, 2015
IIDA MADA Award, 2015