Hodgdon Powder

New administrative spaces were created for this central Kansas industrial facility using pre-engineered Quonset hut structures.  This unique form offers dramatic interior volumes and adjacent exterior courtyard spaces consistent with its regional vernacular.  

Rather than adding additional visual clutter to these simple interior volumes the centrally located ductwork is utilized as infrastructure to support lighting.  As a result, the vaulted ceiling is accented while providing diffuse illumination for diverse programmatic tasks.  Luminaires are carefully positioned to assure even distribution across the vaulted ceiling while minimizing shadow lines on adjacent walls and concealing luminaires from normal viewing angles.  This systematic strategy adapts effectively and economically to most centrally located open plan areas within the huts.  In a few contained perimeter areas such as private offices, conference rooms, corridors and restrooms where the effectiveness of this centralized solution is prohibitive, common strip fixtures equipped with custom translucent acrylic diffusers are surface mounted to walls.  In this rare moment where the luminaire is visibly present, the simple elegance of the strip light in conjunction with a modestly formed custom diffuser is celebrated and works congruently with the utilitarian essence of the Quonset hut.

Externally, a canopy provides covered connection between the three huts.  Concealed coves are integrally designed to the canopy providing diffuse indirect illumination for this circulation and gathering area.  Low voltage stake mounted fixtures provide low level illumination between huts, augmenting regions where the borrowed light from interior spaces falls off. 

Owner: Hodgdon Power
Architect: el dorado, Inc
Lighting Designer: Derek Porter Studio
Photographer: Mike Sinclair

Herington, Kansas
6,600 square feet
New construction

Edwin F. Guth International Award of Excellence, IESNA, 2008
Commendable Achievement, A/L Magazines, 2008

“Hodgdon Powder Facility,” Architectural Lighting