One Kansas City Place Lobby Renovation

I'm working with BNIM Architects on the lobby renovation of this 1980's high-rise tower - an iconic element to the downtown Kansas City skyline.  The renovation, which is largely lighting related, is intended to bring a new and more current personality to this featured entry.  A significant part of the lighting design concept is a large custom chandelier that "swings" through this 2-story space - engaging occupants as they pass under, around and through the cloud-like mass.  The cumulative effect of thousands of dynamic white LED's combined with reflections on the glossy interior surfaces is a dazzling immersive environment of luminous spectacle.  Combined with an elaborate theatrical control system and individual control channels per module, programmed shows will create time based movement through altering light intensity and warm-to-cool tonal fades throughout the day.  Chandelier engineering and fabrication by DuraComm.