Luminous Talks 3: The Changing Room is just 3 days away

Luminous Talks 3: The Changing Room is the third installment of an annual symposium that is sponsored through a partnership between Parsons The New School for Design and Philips Lighting.  Each year the symposium features presentations and panel discussion surrounding a pertinent topic in lighting design.  This year, The Changing Room explores the dynamic potential of environments in which both natural and artificial forms of light activate interior spaces. 

The symposium includes a live event in New York City on November 12 at 4:30pm (eastern standard time).  The event will also be live streamed for those who may be interested and unable to attend in person.  Please spread the word.  The event is sure to be packed with lively debate.  Click on the hyper links for more information on the Luminous Talks Series and  registration for The Changing room.